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"If the world was right all of the time, Victoria would be a huge star right now." 

- Duff Mckagan (Guns n roses)

"V. Contreras is emerging as Seattle's answer to the most memorable alternative soul divas of recent memory:  Amy Winehouse, Adele, Joss Stone." 

- Jessica Price, Seattle Gay News

"If Victoria feels like flashing the victory sign, she is certainly entitled to do so."

- Gene Stout, Seattle Times

"V. Contreras has a voice that most singers would die for, but this lovely lady is the read deal.  She doesn't need any of that modern day crap to enhance her songs because she is a throwback singer to when women handled theselves with class and had sex appeal that made you pay attention" 

- Troy Michel, Innocent Words Magazine

V., the love child of Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra with a splash of the Ronettes, is known for her rich, soulful voice and dramatic songwriting chops.   This songwriter, vocalist, poet and composer was the sole writer on her inaugural self-titled album.  A classically trained vocalist with a prodigal past that includes fronting a 25-piece jazz band at 12 years old, this 007-soul artist has a voice that quite simply captivates audiences. 


With an Inaugural album that could possibly be a James Bond Soundtrack in the waiting, V. Contreras' self-titled inaugural debut is a concept album unified by the theme of love in its most unconventional form.   V. went from 100 adoring fans to 20,000 in less than a year. With lyrics as memorable as her soulful voice, the album presents an honest jolt of clever authenticity, which truly defines her music.



V.'s distinct alternative soul sound landed her song “Feelin’ That” on Top 40 and Hot AC Radio while being recognized in the International Songwriting Contest. 


With the release of the first single off her sophomore album,  LIKE IT'S YESTERDAY, which premiered on Huff Post and was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, fans were intrigued by the new sound and even more honest lyrics.  VALIENTE, released on October 6, 2018.


On the new album - "My last album was a concept album about (mostly the downside of) love coming from a strong and often sarcastic perspective.🔥 Lyrically and sonically, my new album VALIENTE mirrors my personal changes and growth over the past few years.  It is introspective.  It is about understanding.  It’s about acceptance.  It’s about acknowledgement.  It’s about the dark and light side of life from a more serious voice and perspective.  And, it also acknowledges the upside of love, which was not present on my last album. 

VALIENTE is also different in that I programmed many of the tracks which were used as the foundation of the songs (Expiration Dating Freeze The Day, 99 problems, Loaded Gun, He Said.) As an independent artist, the music I write is completely in my hands with no one dictating any facet of it.  I think that creates very honest writing. I felt very vulnerable writing this album and I hope you can hear that in a very human and relatable way.  This feeling inspired the album title.  VALIENTE means brave - strong in the face of fear." 💪


V is passionate about advocacy for the arts and was on the board of directors for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Recording academy for two years and for a third year on the advocacy committee.  She is also on the advocacy team at STG.


Advocacy for musicians and for underserved populations drives V. and some of her proudest moments have been working with the attorney generals office, state legislators, members of congress and the senate and other arts creators and presenters on a variety of issues from BOT legislation, offering equitable access to tickets, to Fair Play For Fair Pay and The AMP act, which ensure that the arts and music are viable career paths.

Victoria is a classically trained vocalist who has also studied rock, pop, jazz and opera with renowned vocal coaches including Lis Lewis (Rihanna, Britney Spears and Colbie Caillat) and Maestro David Kyle (Liza Minnelli, Ann and Nancy Wilson and Lane Staley.)  A featured vocalist with Seattle Rock Orchestra, McDonalds commercials and the National Anthem for Mariners, Sonics and Seahawks, V.’s inaugural full length album was produced by Martin Feveyear (Brandi Carlile, Duff McKagan's Loaded) with string/horn arrangements by Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore), all songs written by Victoria.


V. has shared the stage and worked with Duff McKagan, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Collective Soul, Morrissey, and has worked with such industry greats as Randy Jackson (American Idol),  Ryan Hadlock (Lumineers, Vance Joy) and Steve Dorff (Grammy nominated songwriter)




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